Welcome to Working Dog Farm!

Meet our Pack!
It's fair to say that Dan and Val's lives revolve around their dogs. Most weekends include an outing of agility (competing, practicing or just having fun), dock diving, hiking, hanging at the river or visiting friends who have dogs.  
  1. Ripley
    Ripley (formerly Colleen) was adopted from New England Border Collie Rescue in 2003. She is a Border Collie/Jack Russell mix who adores lying in the sunshine, teasing her brothers and doing whatever she wants.
    Ripley is an avid kayaker. This photo was taken at her favorite place, Lake Arrowhead. Ripley is a good example of what can happen to a Border Collie who isn't socialized properly at an early age. Ripley had been left in a box outside a humane society in the middle of winter by a family who could not handle her. We'll never know what her first year was like but we are fortunate that she found her way to New England Border Collie Rescue and ultimately to us. During our first meeting she did nip but Val, worried that no one would take her, simply shrugged and said, "well, I guess she's coming home with us." The rest is history. Ripley has wheedled her way into the hearts of many.
  2. Mojo
    Mojo was born in April 2009 and as you can see is a simply stunning blue merle. His warm golden eyes speak to his gentle temperament. Mojo had a rough start with several illnesses but has grown into an amazing athlete.
    Mojo has earned his C-ATCH (Championship) title in agility and won first place in Dock Diving competitions. His longest jump was over 20 feet! This dog truly loves to play and have fun. Dan often says that for Mojo "life's just a big party." He will play tirelessly and often tries to keep more than one toy in his paws at a time. His first year was fraught with illness. There were times when it was unsure if he would make it. Luckily, some wonderful vets and changing him to a raw diet helped turn things around. Mojo is well-known and loved in the agility circuit as he tends to greet his human friends with lots of hugs and love nibbles. He is also amazing to watch!
  3. Korben Dallas
    When he's not covered in mud, Korben is a very handsome Border Collie. Born in October 2010 he is the youngest member of the pack. His nickname as a pup was "Houdini" and he is still able to escape from anything!
    Korben is happiest when he is with his "mom" Val. She takes him everywhere and the two are virtually inseparable. Korben is not as accomplished at agility as big brother Mojo but he has also earned his C-ATCH title and placed well at Dock Dog events. More than anything, he truly loves agility! He went through his first tunnel at 9 weeks old and is always excited and happy to enter the ring. The herding drive is particularly strong in him, which can make handling him a challenge, but the joy he shows in the ring far outweighs any missed qualifying scores.
  4. Happy Holidays!
    Each year all three dogs participate in a photo shoot to select a picture for Val and Dan's Christmas card. The 2016 edition is below.